Friday, April 19, 2013

Shaking up some ice cream in baggies

Five days ago, Cheyenner Nanners had her tonsils taken out.  She is my little rock star, she is doing so good.  I'm so proud of her for being such a big girl.  Her surgery didn't start til nearly noon and she did not complain or whine once about being hungry!  Which is really saying something. One time I had an afternoon surgery and I complained all day long.

The Children's Hospital was really great with her.  They even brought her baby a warm blanket and 'special hat.'  Her baby always got her temperature or blood pressure taken before she did.

Watching cartoons waiting waiting waiting.

Her diet is still leaning heavily towards the popsicles and ice cream side of the food pyramid.   So we whipped up some homemade ice cream in a bag.  We also did this at Cheyenne's 2nd brithday party.

I had already told the girls we were going to make it when I realized I had no vanilla. No problem we have done this before using chocolate syrup to make chocolate ice cream or strawberry syrup to make strawberry ice cream.

Fridge check.

Negative for either syrup.  Of course.  That's what I get for wanting more homemade and less store bought in our home.

The girls are about to go into a frenzy they are so excited for ice cream in a bag.

After a dig through my very in need of organizing cupboards, I manage to find several extract flavors. Success! If making cold flavored stuff is considered a success then yes we can do this.

The original recipe is:

2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup half and half or light cream or heavy cream (I use half and half because I have it around to make homemade sour cream)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup salt (I have used ice cream salt and table salt they both work the same)
1 gallon Ziploc baggie
1 quart or pint Ziploc baggie

If you want either strawberry or chocolate change out the vanilla for 1 tablespoon (or more!) of the syrup.

Today though, Cheyenne wanted orange, Harlee chose root beer and I played it safe with mint.  I pretty much planned on giving mine to Cheyenne cause I was 95% sure hers was going to be less than desirable. We used a half a teaspoon of each extract.

Put your half and half, sugar and flavoring of choice in the small baggie.

Fill the gallon baggie half full of ice and salt. Put the small bag in the big bag.

Shake shake shake your heart out.  For 3-5 minutes. And ice cream!

It's awesomer in a bowl though, that way the salt from the bag can't get in your mouth.

Cheyenne's orange ice cream actually tasted a lot like a cream sickle.  This would be amazing with the vanilla and the orange flavoring.

Harlee's was a lot like a root beer float.  That was pretty expected.

The mint was, also, as expected minty. Next time I will add mini chocolate chips.  Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream of all.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good all of our ice creams turned out.  Another fabulous day in the Chastain house.


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