Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teaching a four year old to sew

Yes! A four your old can sew, and can sew well.  Harlee made this pillow.  Now she wants a whole bed set that matches.  And she wants Cheyenne to have an entire matching bed set, only in purple.  She wants to sew it now and she wants it done tomorrow. Go figure. She is way too ambitious.

I thought I would teacher her how to iron.  I told her where it was hot and where to hold it and she picked it up and went to town.  I feel like less of a teacher and more an overseer of her learning. 

She has mad skills.

I run the foot pedal, and make sure the fabric is lined up when we put it in the machine and I give verbal commands.

Harlee can thread the machine (when talked through it).
Harlee can back stitch.
Harlee can guide the fabric.
Harlee can iron her fabric and her seams open or to the side.
Harlee can guide the fabric through the machine.
Harlee can pin her fabric.
Harlee knows what right sides together means.

 Most importantly Harlee is proud of herself and what she can do.

She seemed to learn all this overnight.  Hindsight really is 20-20.  She often has wanted to sit in my lap for a couple of minutes here and there.  I would be all "this is this and that is that."  The whole time she was soaking it all up, and I thought I was talking just to hear myself.

Next time Cheyenne wants to sit in my lap while I'm sewing I think I'll try to be more exciting.  Who knows what she will learn if I know I'm actually teaching.

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