Friday, April 26, 2013

Kids and money

We do Dave Ramsey.  So of course that's what we teach our girls.  Harlee does so good with her money jars.

She doesn't get an allowance, around here it's called commission.  If she does her jobs, then she gets paid.   If she doesn't, then no moo-la for her.  She puts a little in give, a little more in college (or you could call it savings), and the rest in fun.

Her fun money she can spend on whatever she wants.  It's really nice when we are in the store and she asks for something; instead of saying no, I can say "yes, you can buy it with your own money.''  Once she asks how much something costs, she normally decides she didn't want it after all. But when she does find something she wants to buy, then she knows exactly where the money needs to come from, and where it does not come from. 

It's time for Cheyenne to get jars too, but I need to find my ABC stickers first...moving is no good for organizing.  Last week Cheyenne wanted some money.  So she came to me and said "I wanna money, I need job."  Look at her! Two years old and she has a work ethic.  I'm so proud of her.

I have been trying for months to teach Harlee the value of coins.  However, we weren't making any progress.  Then it came to me.  Chocolate!  We layed out all our coins and chocolate.  Talked about it for less than five minutes and BAM she knows it.  She is always asking me for chocolate chips so she can show me that she knows it.

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