About me

Hi! I'm Doylenn, an oilfield housewifey and stay at home mom, to two girls. Harlee is 5 and Cheyenne is 2. We recently moved to North Dakota and have 10 acres to play around on.   I cook, I make homemade stuff, I homeschool, I sew, I hunt, I quilt, and I fix stuff with duct tape. I'm trying to learn to be a more self sufficient person.

My husband works long hours and that leaves me free to craft up a storm whenever I want.

Harlee is a very outgoing child, there is no strangers to that girl. Harlee is funny and a quick thinker and can be the kindest person in the world when she wants to be.  Cheyenne is a bit shy, and she is my snuggle bug,  she's also the loud bossy one. Cheyenne is a big time talker, she talks more(and better!) than most 3 year olds, she blows me away everyday with the words that she pronounces correctly.  They are both active healthy children, and for that I thank God everyday. 

What I'm trying to get at is...my life is gloriously average, and welcome to a slice of it.


  1. Love your site! Big kudos to you and your family for picking the hard life and having the guts to live it.
    My Dad was a roughneck in the 40/50s in Texas and Ok. He fed the pipes at the top of the rig. No net, no ropes, no Osha.
    Be proud of yourselves and your choices.
    Best of luck.
    Gary Henson

  2. Wow that would of been ruff! As much as a pain as OSHA can be I'm glad there is safety rules to protect my husband.


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