Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teen mom 2 workout

I love crappy TV. 16 and pregnant, teen mom, sister wives, my big redneck vacation...bring it on.

I have two problems though.

1. I don't have enough time to watch all the crappy TV my heart desires.

2. Pinterest failed me.

I could not find a teen mom 2 workout and I'm behind in watching them. And if I was working out while I was watching TV, then I would be doing something productive.

So I made my own. It was harder than I thought it would be. I had to watch an episode just to finish it. That was research though, not wasting time.

Now I can get all caught up on teen mom 2.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homemade play kitchen

I have seen these all over pinterest and we decided to make one for the girls for Christmas. I picked up this old entertainment center for just $30. We took out the glass and sanded it down just slightly because it was laminate. I used this how to paint laminate tutorial.  This was by far the best painting laminate experience I have ever had. 

My husband cut a hole in it for the sink. 

Then I painted it with a light layer of killz.  When the killz was dried I painted it with some white paint I found in the garage.

I taped off a section for the stove top and painted it grey.  When the gray was dry I traced two circles and free hand painted it black for the burners. 

We got this bowl and the phone at a second hand store.  My husband glued the bowl in and the phone base down.  Cheyenne calls it her 'iphone'.  Then we added the faucet.  Since it is a real faucet we had to cut three small holes to put it in.  We just glued it down.  Then my husband (starting to see the trend? I paint he does the other stuff) cut two pieces of wood, one for the oven and one for the fridge.  I painted the oven one with a black rectangle on it, just like a real stove.

Entertainment center at a garage sale: $30
Bowl at second hand store: $1.50
Phone at second hand store: $3
Paint and paint supplies: free(found it in the garage)
Faucet: $19(couldn't find one at a garage sale or second hand store for the life of me!)
Cupboard/fridge/oven handles: $9
Hinges: $8
Wood for fridge and oven: free(found it in the garage)

Total: $78.50
Although I'm sure you could make one for cheaper if you looked for all the stuff you needed during garage sale season. 

The girls love this and the cook on it all the time.  I think it will last them longer than a store bought kitchen because it is bigger but we will see!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow ice cream

It snowed last night.  It doesn't snow as much here as it does in Utah.  It snows just enough to make the crazy Colorado drivers even more crazy and not enough to play in.  Which really is a waste.  I mean if it's going to snow then lets go sledding and make snowmen.

I watched the neighbors shovel their sidewalks and driveways and pondered the strangeness of this new state I live in.  In Utah it has to snow at least 8 inches before anyone even thinks of picking up a snow shovel.

By 11am ''the big snow storm'' had melted away and I did not have to shovel at all.  Whoopee for me!  I did manage to scoop up one bowl of snow for today's project.

This is not the way I made snow ice cream when I was a kid, but I've heard of it a lot, so I wanted to try it.  Since it snowed last night, today was the perfect day to give it a go.
First I whisked up a can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 tablespoon of vanilla.

Then I got a bowl of clean snow.

Then I poured some of the sweetened milk mixture over the snow.  
Then we mixed it up good, and sampled it.  
It was absolutely disgusting and terrible did not appeal to me.
It was like eating cold sweetened condensed milk.  Nothing like ice cream, and yes I used a lot of snow!  I really can't see why so many people make it like this. Or maybe I'm the weird one, hmm...

Then I made snow ice cream the regular way.  Snow with vanilla dribbled over it and dusted with sugar.  And you know what? It was pretty tasty.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Dying flowers

I love doing sciencey projects with the girls.  Way more fun than doing workbooks.  Harlee likes her science projects, but that girls LOVES workbooks.  It's crazy. She will do 20 pages a day.  She would rather do workbook than color half the time.

She also loves cleaning the toilets and washing windows...she is the girl of my dreams.

But I digress.

We decided to dye carnations.  They were half off after Valentine's Day so it seemed like a good time to do this.  Next time I will put more dye in the water so they will soak up faster, but these are beautiful!

Homemade coffee creamer

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Also, I no longer blog at Redneck Soccer Mom, please check out my new team blog with my mom, sister, and I.  It's even more FUN.  Check us out here.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Harlee's hair, I just wish Cheyenne's hair was long enough for things like this.

The girls got Valentine's Day shirts!

Daddy sent Harlee some flowers.

And Cheyenne too!

And me too! We are such lucky girls.

I made the girls pink mac and cheese for dinner. I thought it looked pretty gross, but the girls loved it!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love bug puppets

You know when you see a picture of a kids craft and it looks immaculate?  Well, guess what?  No kid made that. Someone dreamed up some cute kid craft then chased down a professional artist and had them do it.  Then they took a picture of it and passed it off as their own.

I here do solemnly swear to never ever pass off a professional artist's work as mine or my child's.  I don't have time for that. I'm sure not going to pay someone to cut construction paper and glue on googly eyes either.

So we saw this in highlights magazine.  We seen a picture done by a professional artist, of course.  Here is what they look like in real life.

We cut out hearts and then glued them onto paint sticks and then colored and decorated them.  Harlee wanted me to do one with her.  Mine is the one on the left.  I still draw like I did in 5th grade.  Harlee wanted to make hers into an alien love bug puppet.

And here is my love bug with the love bug puppets.  She put on a cute puppet show for me too!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The curse of the clutter

For the past week I've been living like a minimalist.  A really serious minimalist.  See we just moved from Utah to Colorado and most of our stuff is still on the moving truck.

We packed up a small pull behind U haul with all our home canned goods that can't freeze...which it defiantly would freeze, being on a truck for a week in the middle of winter.  We brought a bit of clothes, some toys for the kids, Cheyenne's crib, Harlee's mattress, and an air mattress for us. We have a card table and chairs for eating, and I brought my sewing machines...cause ya know they are too important to be on a freight truck.

Now I really miss my couch, and would love to stop sleeping on the floor, and I would kill for my crock pot.  Other than that I love it. OK my ironing board and a can opener would be pretty cool as well. BUT I have so much more free time for playing with the kids and sewing and writing!

I'm already thinking about things that are on the moving truck that I want to oust.   I aim to get rid of a whole truck load of stuff...or at least a Yukon XL load.

I can't believe how much freer I feel.  I never realized how much time I spent taking care of stuff.  Moving it around, organising it, cleaning it, fixing it, thinking about it, etc.

Tomorrow the mover boys come to unload the truck.  This mama is ready to clean house. Before I put anything away I'm going to look at it with a critical eye.  I'm going to find the Salvation Army this weekend and I'm going to drop off a lot of junk.

I will break free.  Clutter this is your official notice, you are being deported.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jungle theme baby shower

A few weekends ago I threw my best friend a baby shower.  King of the jungle style.  I loved it, the guests loved it, but most importantly she loved it!

The food table!

The kids table with little animal print goodie bags.

Cream cheese mints, banana shaped sugar cookies, apple gummie rings(because they are green!), jungle animal cookies, key lime green taffy, chips, and lots of runts...bananas only!!
I had to buy a cake from Smith's because I was moving two weeks after the shower and had already packed all my cake pans.  This cake looked great though!!

Lion foil balloon

Cherry Limeades!! These were just as good as sonic!

Decorated water!! zebra print duct tape!

Diaper cake I made.

Duct tape on tin cans for silverware holders, animal plates and banana runts as confetti. (I love that the elephant is upside down haha)  I also had animal cups for the kids over by the drinks.

More banana candy confetti.  I also wish I had found these cute little monkeys to add in with the bananas before the party!

Other items I used were:
animal print balloons
king of the jungle invitations
it's a boy banner
banana cookie cutter   I actually had to buy a whole set of fruit shaped cookie cutters just to get a banana, these were pretty weak as far as cookie cutters go but they got the job done.

Inside the kids animal print goodie bags I put:
animal print snap bracelet
animal print stationary set 
animal stickers
jungle animal stuffed animal
and a bit of candy

That's it! Pretty easy and super cute!

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