Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homemade play kitchen

I have seen these all over pinterest and we decided to make one for the girls for Christmas. I picked up this old entertainment center for just $30. We took out the glass and sanded it down just slightly because it was laminate. I used this how to paint laminate tutorial.  This was by far the best painting laminate experience I have ever had. 

My husband cut a hole in it for the sink. 

Then I painted it with a light layer of killz.  When the killz was dried I painted it with some white paint I found in the garage.

I taped off a section for the stove top and painted it grey.  When the gray was dry I traced two circles and free hand painted it black for the burners. 

We got this bowl and the phone at a second hand store.  My husband glued the bowl in and the phone base down.  Cheyenne calls it her 'iphone'.  Then we added the faucet.  Since it is a real faucet we had to cut three small holes to put it in.  We just glued it down.  Then my husband (starting to see the trend? I paint he does the other stuff) cut two pieces of wood, one for the oven and one for the fridge.  I painted the oven one with a black rectangle on it, just like a real stove.

Entertainment center at a garage sale: $30
Bowl at second hand store: $1.50
Phone at second hand store: $3
Paint and paint supplies: free(found it in the garage)
Faucet: $19(couldn't find one at a garage sale or second hand store for the life of me!)
Cupboard/fridge/oven handles: $9
Hinges: $8
Wood for fridge and oven: free(found it in the garage)

Total: $78.50
Although I'm sure you could make one for cheaper if you looked for all the stuff you needed during garage sale season. 

The girls love this and the cook on it all the time.  I think it will last them longer than a store bought kitchen because it is bigger but we will see!

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