Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jungle theme baby shower

A few weekends ago I threw my best friend a baby shower.  King of the jungle style.  I loved it, the guests loved it, but most importantly she loved it!

The food table!

The kids table with little animal print goodie bags.

Cream cheese mints, banana shaped sugar cookies, apple gummie rings(because they are green!), jungle animal cookies, key lime green taffy, chips, and lots of runts...bananas only!!
I had to buy a cake from Smith's because I was moving two weeks after the shower and had already packed all my cake pans.  This cake looked great though!!

Lion foil balloon

Cherry Limeades!! These were just as good as sonic!

Decorated water!! zebra print duct tape!

Diaper cake I made.

Duct tape on tin cans for silverware holders, animal plates and banana runts as confetti. (I love that the elephant is upside down haha)  I also had animal cups for the kids over by the drinks.

More banana candy confetti.  I also wish I had found these cute little monkeys to add in with the bananas before the party!

Other items I used were:
animal print balloons
king of the jungle invitations
it's a boy banner
banana cookie cutter   I actually had to buy a whole set of fruit shaped cookie cutters just to get a banana, these were pretty weak as far as cookie cutters go but they got the job done.

Inside the kids animal print goodie bags I put:
animal print snap bracelet
animal print stationary set 
animal stickers
jungle animal stuffed animal
and a bit of candy

That's it! Pretty easy and super cute!

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