Thursday, February 7, 2013

The curse of the clutter

For the past week I've been living like a minimalist.  A really serious minimalist.  See we just moved from Utah to Colorado and most of our stuff is still on the moving truck.

We packed up a small pull behind U haul with all our home canned goods that can't freeze...which it defiantly would freeze, being on a truck for a week in the middle of winter.  We brought a bit of clothes, some toys for the kids, Cheyenne's crib, Harlee's mattress, and an air mattress for us. We have a card table and chairs for eating, and I brought my sewing machines...cause ya know they are too important to be on a freight truck.

Now I really miss my couch, and would love to stop sleeping on the floor, and I would kill for my crock pot.  Other than that I love it. OK my ironing board and a can opener would be pretty cool as well. BUT I have so much more free time for playing with the kids and sewing and writing!

I'm already thinking about things that are on the moving truck that I want to oust.   I aim to get rid of a whole truck load of stuff...or at least a Yukon XL load.

I can't believe how much freer I feel.  I never realized how much time I spent taking care of stuff.  Moving it around, organising it, cleaning it, fixing it, thinking about it, etc.

Tomorrow the mover boys come to unload the truck.  This mama is ready to clean house. Before I put anything away I'm going to look at it with a critical eye.  I'm going to find the Salvation Army this weekend and I'm going to drop off a lot of junk.

I will break free.  Clutter this is your official notice, you are being deported.

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