Sunday, April 14, 2013

trash to fabulous - plastic easter eggs

It's after Easter and we have six thousand plastic eggs laying all over the place.   Why, oh why, did we have to get this 144 piece set of eggs?  Oh ya, because it was a good deal.  We also got lots and lots of legos and put them in the eggs and hid them ALL.

Adam loves legos and it has provided hours of entertainment and allows me oodles of uninterrupted hours in the craft room.  Oh, and the girls like them too.  Seriously though, next year the Easter bunny is only going to hide the eggs that we dye ourselves.  No more of these plastic junk eggs that take over your house for at least a solid week.

Harlee and Adam made this snake by drilling holes though all of the eggs and threading a piece of yarn in the holes.  Harlee wanted to leave the yarn for a really long tongue so she can pull it around.

I also made Harlee a matching game.  She played it once and successfully matched up all the letters without any problem.  Good idea but a year too late.

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