Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bunny birthday party

Wow. I can not believe time has flown by so quickly.  Here my 'baby' is two years old already.  Cheyenne isn't much of a baby anymore.  She runs around spouting full sentences, learning colors, numbers, and shapes, and trying to do everything her big sister  does. 

The first thing I did was run to pinterest and found these bunny invitations, they turned out perfect, and really set the mood for the rest of the party.  I would post a picture but it would be like deja vu if you click on the link...and they have my address on them.

Decoration time!  Normally decorations are my favorite part but this time it was hard.  Most bunny stuff is also Eastery and this is not Easter! I was able to find most things I needed from Oriental Trading and a few key items from Amazon.  These bunny plates, cups and napkins were the only non Easter ones I found. Good thing they are perfect! And this bunny foil balloon is just the cutest thing ever. 

The pinata was the hardest to find. It's sold out now which is a huge bummer. I think I bought the last one.

Birthday Girl!!

Another view of the cake with the carrot silverware and napkins.

Duck tape on water bottles = cute!

I love this cake.  It was VERY easy to do and I love the little bunny tail.

"Bunny juice" I didn't want to call it carrot juice because I wanted kids to drink it!  It's 2/3 tang and 1/3 strawberry lemonade.

This party turned out perfectly.  Most importantly Cheyenne loved it. 

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