Monday, December 17, 2012

Not quitting, just changing tactics

Harlee has been in guitar since September and she is doing really well for a four year old.  I'm very proud of her.  She is really enthused about it and works hard.  She loves it. 

There is just one big problem.  Her guitar teacher.  She is like 150 years old and doesn't seem to know a thing about young children.  She has this really awful habit of grabbing Harlee's fingers and moving them for her.  Not just helping her put with placement but playing a whole song...with my daughters fingers.  I kept telling her to let Harlee play and she would stop but it would be long til she was doing it again. 

About two weeks ago she did it and Harlee's face fell.  She instantly went from "I love guitar'' to ''I don't wanna be here ever again''.  She looked like a wild horse that had just been broke.  Her spirit that was crushed.  I pulled her teacher to the side and told her to NEVER touch her again.  She said she would but it would make teaching her harder. 

The next lesson Harlee was very upset before we went.  I talked to her and told her that her teacher said she wouldn't touch her anymore and if she did I would stop her.  But her teacher did it again and even though I told her not to right away the damage was done.

Last weeks lesson she didn't touch her but Harlee didn't even want to look at her.  Practices at home have been ruff to say the least and normally she practices very well at home with me.  After a long conversation it was obvious that the problem was the teacher, not guitar.

As much as I want to to finish the semester to teach her that sometimes in life we have to deal with people we don't like, I also want her to love music.  I want to teach her not to quit.  I want to teach her how to be the bigger person. 

In the end it came down to she is only four and that lady is breaking her spirit and I won't take it anymore!  There will be many more times in life to teach her that she needs to deal with people she doesn't like.  I told her we weren't going back to that teacher again and I was rewarded with a giant hug and kiss.  Then she asked if we were still going to practice at home and if I would be her teacher and I said yes, once again I was rewarded with a giant hug and kiss.  Then I reminded her how we will get her a new teacher after we move and for the third time I was rewarded with a giant hug and kiss. 

I can't wait to see how guitar practice goes for us tomorrow!  

UPDATE: Guitar practices are going well. She is happy and working hard again!

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