Thursday, October 17, 2013

Roman bread pudding

I'm so proud of Harlee, she is so smart.  I'm also so thankful for her new homeschool curriculum, sonlight, it really caters right to her learning style.  She just soakes up everything that is read to her and it is mostly reading to her, it's perfect for us.

Sometimes when I'm not sure if she paying attention I'll ask her to tell her Dad what she knows about xyz and she will rattle off all kinds of things.

In history, which is me reading her a story type book and not a text book type book, (because text books are boring!)  she is learning about the Romans.  As a project we decided to make roman bread pudding.

As I looked at the recipe I thought it looked pretty good, then I was making it and I thought it was going to be awful. But was not.  It was just good enough to eat an entire piece, once.

Slice the crust off your bread.  Soak it in milk for a second, and I do mean 1 second! Or else you will have a bowl with small chunks of bread floating around.  Fry in olive oil, til it isn't mushy anymore.  Drizzle on some honey and eat.

It mostly tastes like a weird crunchy french toast but it was a great homeschool project. But only once.

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