Saturday, October 20, 2012

Non-binding binding

I highly dislike traditional binding.  I don't like doing it.  Truth be told, I suck at it.  I know, I know practice makes perfect.  After working hard on a quilt the last thing I want to do it finish it with a haggard looking binding.  Most of the time I do a wrap around binding because I'm good at that one. 

I seen this impressive non-binding on pinterest.  I planned to do this on a camping quilt I'm making for my daughter's upcoming birthday.  I made the top and proceeded to sand which the three layers and I quilted it up.  It was then that I decided it would be a good idea to look at that tutorial and see how to do this non-binding binding.  Crap! I've done it wrong and I haven't even started yet. 

See I assumed it was going to be done way I had pictured in my head but I was wrong wrong wrong.  That's what I get for assuming.

I decided I would try the non-binding the way I assumed it was going to be done and hope for the best.  I already had my three layers quilted and I had cut the binding down to match the edges of the quilt(see what I mean about my assuming). So I folded the backing in about 1/4 inch over the batting. Then I folded the top under as well.  It took about an hour to get all the way around my quilt.  It was painstaking to get it perfectly even and I had to pin it a ton. 

I hate pinning.  If I think there is a chance I can sew something without pinning it then I will every time.  This project was not the time for skimping on pins.

Here I am stitching it on the inside of the presser foot.

Here is the finished edge.
All done!

Here it is all finished!  Camping in style here we come!

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