Thursday, October 18, 2012

National Jewish Health Here We Come!

Two weeks in a hospital.  I signed us up for this.  I must be trying to kill us all.  All because of those #!%&^  peanuts!  We don't really need two weeks of this do we?  I mean it's only a mild peanut allergy...I think.  It's only a little eczema...covering 80% of her body and spreading.  Those mystery rashes she has been getting lately are bothersome as well. OK yes we NEED to go.  These half hour baths everyday need to stop too, but it's the only thing that helps her skin.

We are taking Cheyenne to a pediatric day program for eczema and allergies at National Jewish Health. I find myself debating this decision over and over this week.  The program sounds perfect for our needs and the reviews are outstanding.  I'm thankful to God for the opportunity, but I would be lying if I said I was excited for this.  Two weeks sounds a bit excessive to me, but hey what do I know?   

I've spent a lot of time in visioning this trip.  After a full day of packing  I'm nervous and exhausted and we haven't even started yet.  

First we have a days drive to Denver, CO.  Then for two weeks we will be at the National Jewish Hospital, 8am to 5pm.  Monday to Friday. With a 22 month old.  My four year old will be there also but I'm sure her and her Dad will split faster than a speeding bullet to go on adventures.  I've heard talk of the zoo, aquariums, museums, build a bear..and on and on.  If you listen to my husband talk, it sounds like a lovely vacation.  "I can't wait to spend time with my girls" he keeps telling me, alright alright can't fault him for that.

Eczema treatments for the first few days.  When her eczema is healed we will move on to allergy testing.  It's the allergy testing I'm dreading the most. Just how much poking of my baby do they plan to do?   

As if that wasn't enough there is classes for me to go to.  About eczema and allergies and nutrition classes(to make sure she gets all the stuff she needs while on diet restrictions).  I'm all about learning new things to help my children and the knowledge I gain could be life changing.  I can't stop wondering how I'm supposed to go to this class and pay attention with Cheyenne with me.

National Jewish doesn't believe that one positive allergy test means your allergic. False positive happen every day, or so Google tells me. I'm praying Google is right and this is all a big misunderstanding and I can bring that creamy heaven in a jar, AKA peanut butter, back into my home.

Sitting in a hospital isn't exactly a Disney world vacation.   Down right punishment for a nearly 2 year old.  The kids will likely go stir crazy and I'll pull my hair out. 

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