Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Clip art quilting

No, no, no, I don't mean clip art pictures of quilts.  I mean I USED clip art to help me make this quilt, because I'm a terrible artist.  Seriously, my two year old is about to pass me up in artistic ability.

I sewed my quilt top together in three sections and used spray adhesive to stick it to the batting.  Which is way awesomer than pinning because it holds better, and when your quilting, you don't have to hug a porcupine.

Then I printed out a clip art star and traced the stars on my quilt with a chalk wheel.  After that I sewed all over my chalk lines.  Hey! Pretty good for a beginner quilter! Now if my mom would just get that quilting machine I could really rock it. Maybe one day I'll have a quilting machine.

Next, I sewed my three sections of quilt together and was quite surprised to find that the extra batting in the seam added very minimal bulk.  You probably wouldn't even notice if I didn't tell you.

Now, remember that I have the quilt top quilted to the batting with on back.  So I cut the back to the exact size and pinned them together right sides together and sewed it, leaving a hole to turn it right side out.

I closed the hole with a precise and neat hand whip stitch.  Just kidding.  I just top stitched all the way around.  I only use needle and thread for emergencies and those pesky buttons.

Easiest binding ever! Maybe that's because it's non-binding binding? Check out my first attempt at non-binding binding.

*I must read the tutorial before diving into projects* 
*I must read the tutorial before diving into projects* 
*I must read the tutorial before diving into projects*

Bah, who am I kidding.  I always look at a picture on pinterest and think I just must know how they did it.  If my husband showed me a couple pictures on plugging wells I would probably think I knew how to do that too.

I digress....

This non-binding binding looks sweet.

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