Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mount Rushmore and South Dakota

 Some exciting news for Redneck Soccer Mom!  Now you can just go to instead of  However, if you type in you will still get here.  I hope that makes it easier for you all and for more people to find me.

On to business...

On our way home from North Dakota we decided to take the girls to Mount Rushmore.  Cheyenne was grumpy after being in the car for DAYS and didn't want anything to do with having her picture taken; oh well that's life I guess.

After you're done looking at my handy work on photography you should head on over to Snow Capped Dreams Photography and check out some real photos rather than my iphone shots.  Snow Capped Dreams is my sister-in-law and she also does all my family photos. I must say, I'm very spoiled to have such a talented photographer in the family.

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