Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wet wrapping your face for treating eczema

You may have seen my post on wet wraps for eczema.  This is the same thing just for your face.

1. Take a bath or shower.  Must be at least 15 minutes long.  If you shower let water run over your face as much as possible.  If you take a bath put a wet rag over your face or just splash your face a lot.  The splash method works best for children.  Don't use any soap in the bath til the very end because you don't want to be soaking in the soap.  Make sure your soap is scent and dye free.

2. Use eczema cream where you have eczema and either Vanicream or Aquaphor where you don't have eczema.  Do not layer them.

3. Bribe your model with popsicle.  I'm using Harlee for this even though she has no eczema because she is older and therefore more bribe-able. 

 4.  Wet your wrap with clean warm water.  This is what I got for this example, which would work just fine but something bigger and more cottonish would be better.

 5. Wrap around the forehead.

6. Then around the nose, a simple twist makes it fit nice around the eyes.

7. Around the chin.  Never ever around the neck.

8. Up around the head and back down around the chin.
As you can see, at this point she is wondering if a popsicle is enough payment for this.

9. There you have it!
That's a wrap!

Leave the wrap on til it's dry or 1-2 hours.

I  wish my wrap was longer so I could of gone over it more times.  A thicker wet layer will stay moist longer than my single layer.  Also, if I had more to work with I would of wrapped both higher and lower on the forehead.  You can also wrap around the upper lip by doing a twist or folding it over to avoid covering up the mouth.  For older children and adults you could cover the mouth to get a more fuller coverage around the lips.  I DO NOT recommend covering the mouth of young children.

That's it! Happy wrapping.

Also, if you or your child has extreme eczema please see a doctor.  You can get prescription creams that will work better and eczema can also be a side effect of food allergies and this needs proper attention.

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