Friday, January 4, 2013

Homemade Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year...well except for all the shopping and spending and hustle and bustle and all the buy buy buying.  In our family makes everyone makes Christmas gifts for each other.  I super love it.

Is it more work? Yes, it a lot of work! That is what makes it so amazing.  When you get a gift you know that person worked hard on it, they took time out of their busy day(or days) and made something just for you because they love you. 

It says I love you exactly 1 million and 2 times more than just buying something, no matter how much you spend.

I remember the first year we did it.  It was abysmal the gifts I made.  I remember making my mom a blob of blue wax candle.  It didn't have any scent, it had an unraveled string for the wick.  I don't even think it had a ability to burn. Even though it was horrid, it was made out of love. (Mom if you still have this please throw it away!)

Every year it gets a little better and a little better.  Now we are professionals.  There has even been some chatter about not buying gifts at all anymore. 

Most years we are all working overtime to finish everything in December.  Every year I say I'm going to make it different and get things made ahead of time but so far I'm not doing so hot.  This year is my year to rock out though.  It might only be January but I'm already scouring Pinterest and making a list.  I've even started buying supplies.

This year will be even busier than ever before as far as making gifts goes.  I'll have mine to do and both of my kids will be making gifts this year as well.  All I can say is thank you Pinterest for making secret boards.  It's annoying when you pin something to make for someone and then they repin it!!

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